The Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) ruled that, effective May 1, 1994, any bouts held without the supervision of a state commission would be declared exhibition only and would not be counted on the official records of participants.  As of January 1, 1997, it is a violation of federal law to have a boxing show without the supervision of a state commission and or tribal commission or the ABC.  The reasons behind this measure are many - all of them good.  Our policy is not to list exhibitions on records.  However, results of some of these non-commission contests have reached print, so we felt it necessary to list them on records to make clear which bouts reported are counted, and which are not. If you see bouts reported that do not show on our records as official bouts or with the designation NSF, demand to know the "official" source of the information. While some may disagree with the ABC's ruling, we feel it is most proper - for safety and accuracy reasons.  We can thin of no other professional sport where a manager, promoter or participant reports a result and that result goes into an official record.  This practice has taken place in boxing alone for years, and the ABC's ruling has put a stop to it.  We are proud to honor the ruling.


  • Must have at least 4 professional bouts.

  • Must have boxed in the previous 13 months.

  • Must have solid confirmation of record from reliable source.